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About Captain Szabo

Let me know what you are after.    I fish a Back Country Pro guide 201 which gets super skinny, and is very stable.   Have  more than enough gear for  an adventurous backwater all day trip! 


 I was raised in the North Country with wonderful parents.   I primarly fish a Lund Mr. Pike which are the dominant fishing boats of the area.   If you have a family trip planned we can take the pontoon out, seating for six,and has a small grill.   I don't watch much TV or play a lot of video games.   I'm more into the  G Loomis, and Stradic CI 4 kind of technological fun.   I fish for everything. We will certainly always be ready for a big one with a bobber rig, or big sucker minnow in the current.


I Graduated from Central Michigan University in '08 and have been guiding since then in the waters of Canada, Minnesota, Florida and of course Michigan.   Fishing is my passion, I love educating people, and seeing others put a Bill Dance Style Hook set into a Biggen!!


If you are interested in fly fishing contact Inland Route Fly Fishing




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